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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 1, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jennifer aniston. barbecue master adam perry lang. and music from bob mould with cleto and the cletones. and now, sit back and relax. it's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. we're all in this together. hey, i'll tell you something, we have a great lineup of guests. this would be a good night to watch all way to the end of the show.
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because we have a couple of fun surprises in store. jennifer aniston is here with us. [ cheers and applause ] that was on the schedule. i have been a huge fan of jennifer's since i saw her in the movie "leprechaun" and to make her feel at home tonight we did an interesting thing. we have members of the paparazzi going through the trash in her dressing room. also tonight, i hope you aren't hungry, because barbecue master adam perry lang is here. [ cheers and applause ] hey, adam. what are we making tonight? >> i'm cooking up some monster chuck steaks and going to do some fun stuff with whiskey. >> jimmy: do you have all the ingredients you need? i could stop at the store on the way over there. >> i might need you to. >> jimmy: let me know. i know it's late but go into your yard, light your grill, and cook along with adam perry langton night. i came up with a new recipe over the weekend that no one has ever
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done before. some people have done versions but not this way. my niece and nephew were in town from kansas city, which gave me an excuse to have froot loops in the house. normally i don't have them because i will just eat the whole box in one sitting. anyhow. i was making pancakes and i decided as a treat i would add froot loops to the pancake mix. so i mixed up the b poured a quarter of a box of froot loops in and mixed that up and then i poured, you know -- made pancakes right on the gr griddle and the kids went nuts. if you have kids or stoners living in the house, trust me on this one. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i'm not sure if you've heard, but we have a new bachelor here at abc. his name is chris soles. he was one of the final three on last season of "the bachelorette." chris is the farmer from iowa. which is appropriate. consider the fact that abc is milking this show for every drop.
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but here he is, farmer chris. he's ready for a roll in that hay -- wait, that's not him? okay. this is him. [ cheers and applause ] yeah, i guess he's going to be popular. what does this guy farm, dimples? it must be especially weird to be a farmer from a small town in iowa in this position. he's basically dating the entire population of his hometown. good luck to chris. we can't wait to join you on the amazing journey that lies ahead and if it goes well, one lucky lady will be whisked away from the big city to spend the rest of her days feeding goats in iowa. apple is hard at work secretly developing a new product that's rumored to be the largest ipad they've ever made. the new ipad is said to be 12.9 inches across, almost 3 inches larger than the current ipad, and will be the first ipad that folds out into a full-size bed. [ laughter ] i just spent a lot of money
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getting the small ipad and now there's a big ipad i'm also going to get. new ipads also come with a preshattered screen for that kind of cool, broken-in look. 12.9 inches, it doesn't sound big, but it is big. it seems excessive and it's going to make those people that take pictures with their ipad look even more ridiculous. like this woman. if you've seen this before, this is what it's going to look like with the new ipad. [ laughter ] yep, just hold still. a portrait. yep. there we go. perfect. so go buy that. or save $900 and just hold your current ipad a little closer to your face. this is something i happened upon that i thought you might like. urbana, illinois, they have an annual sweet corn festival, but the corn i am guessing was not half as sweet as this report from local news reporter maggie hawkenberry.
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>> oh, my gosh, downtown urbana, corn is what everybody is craving. there's a line behind me of people waiting to get their ears and corn is what everybody is caring about this year. one ticket can buy you your own ear of corn and now i finally get to try mine. >> that looks good, is it good? >> yeah. >> we'll go to the next story. >> audio award goes to -- i think we might need to start that again and break it down, because there's so much. start it from the beginning. >> oh my gosh, amanda. downtown urbana, corn what is everyone is craving. there's a line behind me of people just waiting. >> no, there isn't. >> to get their ear. and corn is just what everybody is caring about this year. >> maybe not everybody. maybe just those five people standing there. >> one ticket can buy you your own ear of corn and now i
11:41 pm
finally get to try mine. >> she did not eat that corn. let's rewind that and see that again, because as you see, right here, not even a tenth of a kernel made it into her mouth. >> ask her, is it good? >> is it good? >> great. >> jimmy: she doesn't know because her face is frozen shut and she didn't eat anything. must believe a fun dinner date. this is alarming. according to a new report from the united nations, the damage from global warming is not only real, it could be irreversible if we don't make drastic changes soon. basically they are saying we are spf. it paints the most dire picture yet of the current climate change situation. they're saying there's a chance we might not be able to stand in front of the refrigerator with
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the door open for 20 minutes to figure out what we want to eat. it's clear we need to do something, but at least here in america we're unable to address any problem that can't be solved by dumping a bucket of ice water over our heads. we need to give the earth the ice bucket challenge. that would cool things down. speaking of this, you know about the ice bucket challenge. it's a stunt created to raise awareness of als. which is lou gehrig's disease. you dump a bucket of ice water on your head, make a donation to fight als, and then you challenge three other people to do the same within 24 hours. it's been hugely popular and very successful. they've raised almost $100 million and given birth to some funny youtube videos, like this. >> [ bleep ]! >> jimmy: give your friend a concussion and cure a disease. even little kids have been getting involved. this is a 2-year-old from birmingham, england.
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>> aahhh! [ bleep ]! >> jimmy: take some of that ice water and wash her mouth out with soap. and while those are a lot of fun, in my opinion the best ice bucket challenge yet was completed the other night by our miniature producer jason trifft. we were at the emmys together monday night. tell us what happened when you got home from the emmys. >> we were feeling festive, i was nominated to do the ice bucket challenge by our friend danny. seemed like a good time to do this. >> jimmy: seemed like a good -- you were in a tuxedo, dressed up? >> i was in a tuxedo, feeling different, the kids wanted to do it. so my wife shot this. >> jimmy: this is what he posted on facebook. >> all right, here. post-emmy awards, we're here with jason. take it away. >> i'm accepting danny's ice bucket challenge post emmy. we just lost but it was a good time. here we go.
11:44 pm
>> you've got to nominate. who are you nominating? >> chris williams, terry chatman and ruby trifft. >> stay tuned for that. >> go ahead. >> jimmy: now, the reason the video stopped there is why, jason? >> i don't know what she was thinking. i think she thought she was taking a picture or something. she hit the button just as we're about to do the thing. >> jimmy: now watch jason's face when he realizes he's been doused with freezing cold water for no reason at all, because his wife didn't even get it on tape. >> oh, no, i stopped recording. i think i stopped recording. oh, no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: some ice bucket challenges are more challenging than others.
11:45 pm
it's good, because if you get jason wet after midnight, he can turn into a little monster. i've enjoyed this ice bucket video thing. i thought it would be fun to give all of our staff the chance to take part, whether they wanted to take part or not. so we had my cousin sal go around the office with a bucket of ice and we let the cameras roll. >> thank you for donating. >> no, no, no! >> did you donate? >> not me. >> you didn't donate? now you have to donate. don't forget to donate. you have to donate. >> [ bleep ]! >> it's tax deductible. you'll be fine. >> ice bucket! now you have to donate. >> i work at security. i don't make that much money. >> here, fill the bucket.
11:46 pm
>> ice bucket challenge! >> ahhh! [ bleep ]! >> it's for charity, relax. ♪ >> come on. stop. don't do it. >> why? >> where did you get water? >> what do you mean, where did i get water? >> come on, i've got to think about this. this is going to be hard for me to win. where did you get so much water? god bless you? >> you picked my lock. >> i did pick your lock. all right, let's trade. >> you're not going to do it. >> what? >> i don't know what to do. this is a weird thing. >> this is really bad, right? >> one of those things. >> yep, back to work. >> don't forget to donate.
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it's in your lap. a lot of it's in your lap. >> oh, [ bleep ]! >> got some ice in the orange juice? >> ice bucket! it's going to be all right. >> thank you. >> all right, who's this? madeline's daughter? >> in new york. >> hang on one second. i'm about to dump a bucket of ice on your mother. >> [ bleep ]! i thought you were kidding. >> i just did it. she's here. >> [ bleep ]. all over me. >> ice bucket challenge! >> oh, come on! you got me. you really got me. i used to be so good at this.
11:48 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, a disaster. anyway. if you'd like to donate to help fight als go to tonight on the show, chef adam perry lang. music from bob molud. and we'll be right back with jennifer aniston. [ cheers and applause ]
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celebrate blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale. buy one get 50% off one. because you know what they say: 60 is the new 50. they also say your're only as young as you feel. we feel great. how about those blinds of yours? blinds to go blinds for life. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the program, one of the greatest barbecue chefs in the world. his best-selling and mouth-watering book is called "serious barbecue." our pal, chef adam perry lang is here. we're going to make chuck steak with a whis 60 caramel glaze. out on hollywood boulevard, which was just named least san tear place to prepare food in the united states. then, his latest album is called "beauty & ruin." bob mould from the at&t stage. [ cheers and applause ] you can stream the first date of
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his upcoming tour, live from philadelphia, on september 5th. tomorrow night, emmy-winner aaron paul and fresh off his win for "best male video" at the vmas ed sheer veer han will be here. and friday, we've got an all-new show for you, kathy griffin will be with us. from "ray donovan," vinessa shaw. and we'll have music from sharon van etten. so join us then. our first guest is an emmy and golden globe-winning actress who friended millions of americans long before facebook was even a glimmer in mark zuckerberg's eye. she co-stars alongside tim robbins and mos def in the comedy thriller, "life of crime." it opens in select cities, on itunes and video-on-demand friday. please welcome jennifer aniston. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: they're excited.
11:55 pm
>> that's great. >> jimmy: calm down, you animals. and you smell really good, too. i don't know if you can smell jennifer from there, but very nice. thank you for being here. very good to have you here. >> i love being here. so exciting. >> jimmy: i love having you here. >> how do you feel? new papa. >> jimmy: i am a new father, that's right. >> and i got to meet that little jane a couple weeks ago. >> jimmy: that's right, you did. >> she's a cute little baby. >> jimmy: thank you. >> as opposed to something other than a baby. >> jimmy: she is cute. i don't know -- do you think she's cute? >> i think she really likes me. a mashup of you and molly. >> jimmy: she didn't scream when you held her. >> no, she slept. she made little squeaky sounds. there was a moment of a little thundering kind of explosion. >> jimmy: yeah. -- and i felt like, oh, that
11:56 pm
means she really trusts me. i find that as a good sign. >> jimmy: really? because you get upset whenever i do that. [ laughter ] >> it's a little different. >> jimmy: you even offered to come to the delivery room to help my wife with the delivery. >> yeah. >> jimmy: which my wife couldn't believe that you would do something like that for her. >> really? >> jimmy: yeah. >> haven't we all gone to our girlfriend's delivery room? >> jimmy: i haven't. >> well. that is -- that's sad. >> jimmy: that was a very nice thought. >> i would have been there in a second. i've been to many of my girlfriends' deliveries. i think it's extraordinary, it's a miracle. even when the breast milk starts come until. >> jimmy: yeah. you do like that? i don't like that that much. >> it's not just me, women like that. >> jimmy: they do? >> yes. >> jimmy: why? >> because it -- i don't know. because got milk. it's like the one milk you don't have to feel guilty about drinking. like no, that dairy is okay. but i had some of molly's --
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: yeah, you did. i didn't know if you wanted me to mention that, but you did. you breast fed my wife. >> i didn't breastfeed her, she breast fed me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you tasted it. >> i did. >> jimmy: which i spend a lot of time trying to avoid tasting it. >> you have to admit you have by now? right? >> jimmy: no. >> jimmy, you've got to belly up to the bar, man. you do. it's so sweet. >> jimmy: but it's supposed to be for my daughter. what if i like it and i drink all of it? i'm a pig. [ laughter ] >> start putting it in your coffee. >> jimmy: froot loops. that's yes have to put my froot loops in the pancakes. how would you describe the flavor compared to cow's milk? >> it's a little like -- what if molly's tastes different than anybody else's? then i'm like -- >> it might, i don't know. >> it's sweet.
11:58 pm
it's almost coconut milky. >> jimmy: really? >> come on, someone musted tasted breast milk in this audience. no? not one? guillermo? >> guillermo: like soy milk. >> jimmy: but in his language, that means "yamhilling." "yamhilling." [ applause ] over the weekend, your fiance justin they are row took the ice bucket challenge. he challenged you. >> yes, he did. >> jimmy: were you upset he did that? >> no, i was not. >> jimmy: you took it. >> i took it -- not like a man but i took it. >> jimmy: it's so much colder than you think it would be. >> and it was a lot of it. >> jimmy: a lot of people i think they chicken out and maybe don't let the ice sit in there for a while. they don't put enough ice in it, whatever. but you really went for the cold ice water. >> i didn't, but he did. >> jimmy: oh, i see. >> i didn't choose that.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: i see. so that was somebody else's decision. i got you. you challenged howard stern. >> i did. ? to do it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and courteney cox. i've been his ning on the radio. courtney is a good sport about that stuff but howard believes it was going to kill him if he did it. and he said -- >> what was his -- >> jimmy: he said something to the effect, the human body is not supposed to be shocked like that, extreme temperatures could kill you. and then he did it because you challenged him, which was remarkable. >> well, and matt lauer. i mean, it was the two -- he challenged him as well. but i like to think that -- >> jimmy: you were the one that pushed him over the edge. then he challenged barbara walters and casey case sell, who is recently deceased. >> which is impossible. if he's not -- he's dead. >> jimmy: yeah. he didn't take it.
12:00 am
so barbara walters, this could easily kill her. i mean, that could be -- >> no. don't say that. >> jimmy: then technically, her blood is on your hands. >> oh, i see, if you can trace it back. >> jimmy: if you backtrack it a couple of steps, you killed barbara walters, i killed barbara walters. that sounds like the title of a movie. like "i killed andy warhol." >> jimmy: that could be elmore leonard. >> he's dead. >> jimmy: wow, everybody's dead. >> it's just you and me, jimmy. >> jimmy: you didn't kill him, did you? >> i hope not. that would be sad. >> jimmy: i watched your movie. it's really, really good. it's very entertaining. it's really, really good. i don't want to give too much away. >> it's a really fun caper. >> jimmy: i think i can say you play a woman that gets kidnapped and they asked the husband for $1 million and he doesn't want to give it. >> he's having an affair and he doesn't care. which i think is a funny twist. >> jimmy: we're going to show a clip from the movie when we come back. and i hope you don't mind but i have a big favor to ask you. >> oh, god, should i cut your
12:01 am
hair again? >> jimmy: no, i just got a haircut. i would say i have a big favor to ask you when we come back and i hope it's something that you'll go along with. but if not, feel comfortable. you've already drank breast milk. how much worse could it be? jennifer aniston is here. the lovie is called "life of crime." it opens friday. we'll be right back. i am so nervous right now, it's not even funny. oh my gosh... driver 1 you ready? yeah! go! [sfx] roaring altima engine woah! ahhhha! we told people they were riding nissan's most advanced altima race car. we lied... about the race car part. altima, with 270 horsepower and active understeer control. how did you?...what! i don't even, i'm speechless. innovation that excites. you definitely should've tried applebee's new crosscut ribs by now. do you see these people resisting
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unbelievable. >> yeah, i know. it's all strange. you watch the news? >> yes. >> there was nothing about you on the 7:30 or the 8:00. why do you think? >> what are you asking me for? >> you got something going with that guy? >> he's a friend of the family.
12:06 am
>> he must be the godfather, bringing you martinis to your bedroom while your husband is away. >> how come he didn't call the police? >> i don't know. he could be dead. or in a coma. you hit him with something, right? >> we checked. he let himself out. >> so now, we're waiting on our partner. >> jimmy: that is jennifer aniston! [ cheers and applause ] the new movie is called "life of crime" opens in select -- it opens on i-tunes, video on demand, and select city. who selects the cities? >> it's a grab bag. >> jimmy: okay, it is, all right. you don't pick your favorite places that you visited? >> my favorite places i've ever visited, yes. >> jimmy: and the movie came out really, really great. you should be very proud of it. and i don't mean to turn the attention to myself, but i'm going to. in the '90s, i was a big fan of the show "friends." [ cheers and applause ]
12:07 am
and i love the show so much that i actually wrote some fan fiction. you know what that is? >> i don't. >> jimmy: we use the characters from like -- if it was "star wars" you would use those characters and work yourself into it. >> as yourself or a character in -- >> jimmy: as a character -- in this case, as ross. so i was just wondering if you'd -- like i wrote the script, and if you would do a scene from it with me. >> oh my god. wait. you mean like read lines with you? >> jimmy: a little bit more than that. >> what do you mean, more than that, jimmy? >> jimmy: like a lot more than that. [ cheers and applause ]
12:08 am
>> what? what is this? what is this? >> jimmy: this is an exact replica of the kitchen from the show. i actually spent $80,000 making it to the "t." every detail is correct. >> this is a little -- that's amazing. okay. >> jimmy: would you mind if you just sit at the table? >> oh, god, i don't know -- jimmy -- >> jimmy: again, i'm going to play ross. >> oh, god. >> jimmy: and we'll start right here on the first page. >> oh. >> jimmy: and so here we go. action. okay, you start. >> ummm. ross -- >> jimmy: oh, wait, sorry. i forgot something. the rachel wig. >> no, no, no, no!
12:09 am
[ cheers and applause ] i'm not doing that, i'm not -- >> jimmy: all right. >> i've got boundaries. >> jimmy: all right, okay. okay, go. >> all right. ross, you look sad today, what's the matter? >> jimmy: rachel, we haven't made love in months. [ laughter ] how about we make love right now. your line. >> i know, jimmy. i know it's my line, but this is a really stupid line. it's dumb, this is really dumb. >> jimmy: is it dumber than living in a huge apartment in new york city for eight years, even though you work at a coffee shop? [ laughter ] >> okay. >> jimmy: all right. >> fine. yes, ross, i would very much like to make love to you. >> jimmy: wow, that is great news, rachel. and perhaps after our lovemaking we can meet our group of friends, like monica and phoebe
12:10 am
and we can all have breakfast together as a group before work like normal people do all the time. [ laughter ] go on, go on. >> yes, let's meet our friends but not until we have made love several times because you are very good at it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: thank you. that was not a joke. [ cheers and applause ] that wasn't a joke line. >> i know, go on, go on. >> jimmy: you're right, rachel, i am good at making love. >> oh, god. what -- [ cheers and applause ] >> are you kidding me, i dragged court into this? >> jimmy: that's not court, that's monica. >> oh my god.
12:11 am
>> jimmy: hi, monica. >> hi, ross, everyone is talking about how good you are at making love. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: they are? thank you. >> yeah, you're said to be so good at it that sometimes i wish you would make love to me. >> jimmy: monica, i can't make love to you, you're my sister. >> darn! >> i don't understand this. >> jimmy: that was very good. >> that's ridiculous. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey. are you guys talking about how good ross is at making love without me? >> jimmy: we are. >> oh, my god, this is so stupid.
12:12 am
>> jimmy: this is not stupid and also, only i get to press the button with the laughter. can we just do this, please? all right. why, hello, friends, so good to see you, phoebe and monica. >> good to see you, ross. but more importantly, how you doing? like that's joey's catch phrase, why am i saying it? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: because i wrote the script and there is no joey anymore, that's why. >> what happened to joey? where's command letter? they're not in the script. >> jimmy: they're dead. marcel the monkey bit them and gave them monkey rabies and they died. can everyone please act like you've been on a tv set before and read the lines? this isn't improv camp, this is television. >> my god. >> jimmy: so you -- >> okay, that's me. rachel, you seem upset. >> jimmy: yes, rachel, cheer up, it's like we always say, so no one told you life was going to be this way? >> are you really, really -- your job is a joke.
12:13 am
you're broke, your love life's doa. [ cheers and applause ] >> stop, stop. please, just don't do this. >> but it's like you're always stuck in second gear. >> jimmy: when it hasn't been your day, your week, your admonition or even your year. but -- >> i'll be there for you. >> jimmy: thank you, rachel. and that's why we're all friends. [ cheers and applause ] now we break for a commercial, we come back and all make out. >> okay, all right, good night, everybody! >> jimmy: no, no, wait, wait, hold on a second. there's no exit. there's no exit. we have 22 more pages here and the lovemaking scene. >> make love to yourself, jimmy. >> jimmy: oh! well. it looks like i'm all alone. again. it always seems to end this way,
12:14 am
doesn't it? oh, what a lonely boy i am. but that's okay. maybe i'll just do my own show. i'll call it "friend." [ laughter ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, thank you! jennifer aniston, courteney cox, lisa kudrow, guillermo! wow, wow. [ cheers and applause ] go see jennifer in "life of crime." we'll be right back! >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel
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>> dicky: if you're going to be in the l.a. area and want to see the show, 8-66-jimmy-tix or
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my socks match. do your eyeballs match? yes. cable does not match the speeds. makes you want to go mad. erggggh. only verizon fios comes with speed match. upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. join now at verizon. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is so good at bbq, animals actually throw themselves on his grill
12:25 am
begging to be cooked. this is his book called "serious barbecue." it is just that. please welcome chef adam perry lang. hello, adam. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for coming. we're going to put you down here so we can cook. what is this, are we going to make friendship bracelets? >> yes, exactly. we're going to do monster chuck roast steaks with whisky caramel sauce. >> jimmy: i love it already. >> we're going to tie it together. i'm going to show you -- just slide that string underneath. >> jimmy: all right. >> then just do it like a double tie. >> jimmy: twice? >> yeah, twice. not like -- just like that. >> jimmy: already i screwed it up. just double knot it? >> yeah, i'll hold it. no. and then tie it over my finger. >> jimmy: okay. then we throw your finger on the grill? >> right. like that. >> jimmy: all right. >> awesome. this is a type of cut, i use certified angus beef. c.a.b. this is one of those cuts where
12:26 am
any butcher or supermarket has it, but you have to ask for it. because they typically make it into thin chuck steaks or hamburger but it's great flavor -- >> jimmy: you tell them what? >> can i have a whole chuck roll, please. a whole chuck roll. so when you get it, i'm going to ask you to cut it. you're basically going to cut here and here on both sides of the steak. >> jimmy: okay, cut it right down there? >> there you go. >> jimmy: all right, okay. i love it. >> and right here. >> jimmy: and cut it right here. and continue or no? >> exactly, go straight through. you're done. no, that's it. we'll just do one steak. >> jimmy: all right. >> then we have the steak here. it's pretty sizable. like half the price in terms of what you would find in terms of rib eye. we're going to put it in a marinade. i adopted it from my series "barbecue." pour that marinade in. you blend it. what's in it, garlic, onion,
12:27 am
worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, white vinegar and olive oil. keep it for maybe six hours minimum but overnight is cool, too. >> jimmy: you can throw this in your trunk, too? doesn't need to be refrigerated? >> it would probably make it taste better. anyway. i'll swap it out with this. but because it has a lot of salt in it already, i just season it with black pepper. so why don't you go ahead and season it. >> jimmy: okay. just like that? >> i like it, yeah, a lot. >> jimmy: i like pepper. okay. >> excellent, okay. pat it down. we just throw this baby on the grill. >> jimmy: okay, and that is the biggest grill i've ever seen. that is a huge weber. wow, look at all that meat, that is nice. >> while this is cooking, one of my favorite combinations is whisky and beef. and barbecue. >> jimmy: it's such a time saver because you can eat and drink at the same time. >> whissy is whiskey is smoky, barbecue is smoky. together it's the perfect combination. >> jimmy: you're right, it is. >> i put together this recipe.
12:28 am
we created this whisky caramel. at first it seemed strange because you're putting caramel with meat, but at the same time when you take the meat off and you put it right into the caramel sauce, it's going to create like with the savory juless a really great glaze. it's going to prevent the meat from drying out. >> jimmy: that's crazy. like a caramel apple but a steak instead. >> exactly. just what america needs. >> jimmy: yeah. >> how you make the caramel is take the sugar, add some water, so one cup of sugar. a splash of water. maybe half a cup of water. you cook it until it's the same color of the whiskey. >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> then you add an equal amount of whisky. if you put one cup of sugar -- you take one cup of -- >> jimmy: that seems like a lot, yeah. >> then you cook it down and you put the butter in and you end up with this beautiful silky sauce. >> jimmy: it is beautiful. will you get drunk making this? >> no, you cook off all of the alcohol. >> jimmy: that is good. >> what's left behind that is
12:29 am
woody, delicate flavor that you get from whiskey. >> jimmy: that is really good. where's guillermo? come in and taste this. [ cheers and applause ] try a little bit of that. >> go for it. >> jimmy: good, right? >> guillermo: this is great. >> you like that? >> guillermo: i like it. >> jimmy: told you he would like it. all right. >> we'll put it on the plate here. then what you do is you take your steak. >> jimmy: how long do you cook that steak? >> about 40 minutes. you're not cooking it rare, medium -- you're cooking it closer to medium. while it's hot, you put it right into the caramel. see how it kind of glazes it like that? >> jimmy: yeah, that's nice. and how do you finish it, with that stuff? >> so what we're going to do here, i do this dressing here which i take a little bit of olive oil. >> jimmy: this is your thing. >> yeah, this is my thing. it captures all the juices. and you create a great sauce at the end. >> jimmy: right. >> okay? then we'll just slide that into the oil and then we're going to slice it right into it. >> jimmy: all right. slice that up. let's see the proper way to slice.
12:30 am
>> but the thing is this, okay? there's a little string here, so you're going to cut the string away. >> jimmy: and you can floss with that afterwards. >> exactly. all right. exactly. >> jimmy: that is nice. that looks beautiful. >> and here's like -- you just basically do double duty here. not only is it great -- here. let me give you a piece of that. >> jimmy: what are you doing, animal? like a dog. all right. oh, my god, that is great. >> you can also make a dessert. >> jimmy: you can? oh, put that right on the ice cream? >> put the caramel right on the ice cream. >> jimmy: oh, it all comes together. >> i know. then you put a little bit on -- >> jimmy: he doesn't understand. there you go. chef adam perry lang. his book is called "serious barbecue." you can get this in all sorts of great recipes. i'm sorry, i have a mouthful of meat. thank you, adam perry lang. be right back with music from bob mould. [ cheers and applause ]
12:31 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> guillermo: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank jennifer aniston, courteney cox, lisa kudrow, adam perry lang, and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next, but first, his album is "beauty & ruin." the song is called "the war." here with some help from taylor hawkins of foo fighters, bob mould. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ and all these songs i write for you they tear me up it's not hard to do ♪
12:34 am
♪ listen to my voice it's the only weapon i kept from the war from the war ♪ ♪ from the war from the war and i can soothe every ailment you endure ♪ ♪ and i can see into the future most assured i don't have a choice it's the only life ♪ ♪ i know after the war after the war after the war after the war ♪ ♪ everything we made reduced to dust you were the one who taught me most ♪
12:35 am
♪ i carry your remains your emblem and your name nothing left will ever be the same ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and this war we fought was violent and long weeks turned into years but we kept on keeping on ♪ ♪ the ringing in my brain is what remains is what remains is what remains ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:36 am
♪ this war has worn me down broken dreams and a hole in the ground don't give up and ♪ ♪ and don't give in [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, this is the moment that could change everything for 1-year-old alex. >> we need to just mark the side -- >> born deaf but not without hope. we follow a family on a desperate year-long search to give their child the gift of hearing with an experimental surgery. so will it work? plus, a rare look at how movie magic gets made. and not just any movies. >> hey! >> tonight, a special peek at making "frozen." >> i wish i could feel like this all the time. >> kristen bell and all the artists and animators on how their loveable characters -- >> hi, you're creepy.


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